DYNMC Creative is production house based in LA with additional operations in San Francisco, Detroit, and NYC.

We're a boutique production company providing end-to-end service to partners with a need for unique and inspired storytelling through visual media. With the flexibility to scale projects from grass roots strategies to high end - high budget productions, DYNMC is building a team fit for the modern age of digital media. What started as a partnership of college buddies consolidating freelance work in Southern California, DYNMC has evolved into a cohesive team with an extensive range of talents and wide breadth of experience. 

Commercials, music videos, narrative films (short and feature length), TV pilots, web ads, social content, documentaries, testimonials, product videos, event experience video and more, all play a part in what makes our storytelling unique.

DYNMC Team Values

  • Creativity Is Key

  • Stay Inspired

  • Effective Communication, Always

  • Collaboration & Teamwork - Collective Mindset

  • Don't Break the Chain - Integrity